With over 40 years in the field of structural composite materials technology, our team has the specialized knowledge and international experience to engineer leading edge solutions for a wide range of projects that enhance structural performance at a minimum procurement cost.


  • Aerospace Structures
  • Marine Structures
  • Land Systems/Structures


  • Stress Analysis – Static, Fatigue, Dynamic
  • Requirements – Safety, Environmental
  • Acoustic Analysis – Sonar Domes
  • RF Analysis – Radomes – Air and Sea domains
  • Extended Engineering Analysis (use list below as an expandable list)


  • Material Qualification, strength and environmental – B Basis allowables
  • Part Testing and support
  • Production Testing. X ray, UT, HTT

Product Development

  • Design Control using ENOVIA PLM
  • Rapid Prototyping to produce representative parts for trials purposes
  • Low-cost design for manufacture
  • Quick response, quality customer care and value added service

Industry standard design tools used

  • CATIA V4, V5

Engineering Capabilities

  • Documentation, compliance & customer acceptance of design
  • Complex design models
  • Lightning strike & electrical bonding
  • RF analysis
  • Vibration & endurance predictions
  • Fatigue predictions
  • Thermal expansion
  • Stiffness limits & sealing
  • Impact performance (Bird, Hail, BVID)
  • Adhesive bonding strength at elevated temperature
  • Manufacturing process & quality improvements - NPI
  • First Part Qualification, tear down
  • Weight control

We support qualification of parts via submission of comprehensive documentation and first part qualification. (i.e. not specifically reliant on customer specifications and methods of work.)

There is a high level of independence with our Engineering capability that is not OEM dependant

Recent Design & Build Projects


  • US Military MLASS

  • BAE
    • - Composite Structure
    • - Concept Sonar Dome
  • UK MOD
    • - Composite PA
  • Ultra Electronics
    • - Marine Sensors
    • - Cobham KC390 Probe Fairings


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Joshia Drewien

Josiah Drewien
Chief Engineer, US

Peter Eckersall
VP/Managing Director, Tods Defence