With over 50 years of experience in the Nuclear Industry, Paul Fabrications Ltd has all of the attributes required to make Safety Critical products. We offer advanced manufacturing and engineering expertise for a wide variety of metal alloy parts and assemblies. Within our dedicated Nuclear manufacturing facility we can offer:

  • 6 Axis CO2 Laser Cutting (Nitrogen and Argon)
  • 5 Axis CNC machining
  • Hot and cold press forming: die quenching, stretch forming, blanking and deep drawing
  • High- and low- temperature heat treatment utilizing air furnaces
  • Quality assurance: x-ray, dye penetrant inspection, CMM inspection and FAI
  • Fusion resistance welding
  • Hot and cold acid descaling: painting, priming, and stoving
  • Sheet metal manipulation
  • BS EN9001 registered
  • Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor (FEMCS)

Within the total Paul Fabrications facility we can offer a wide range of additional manufacturing options accredited to both AS9100 Rev C and ISO14001, with numerous NADCAP accreditations.



We use a large array of materials ranging from Titanium, Stainless, Jethete, Nimonics Superalloys, amongst others.

  • Titanium
  • Stainless
  • Jethete
  • Nimonics
  • Superalloys


Specialists in cutting, manipulating, forming, joining, machining and assembling on a wide range of materials

6 & 5 Axis CO2 Laser Cutting

  • High pressure clean cutting (Nitrogen and Argon)

Hot & Cold Press Forming

  • Die quenching, precision cold pressing, stretch forming, conventional forming, blanking and deep drawing.

Metal Fabrication

  • Rolling, Forming, Full Drill/Rivet/insert Assembly, bonding, caulking & wet assembly


  • CNC Lathes, Turning, Milling, 3,4,& 5 Axis Machining Centers


  • TIG, Auto Circumferential, Spot, Stitch, Seam, Projection

Heat Treatment

  • Calibrated furnaces up to 1,100 C


  • Acid Cleaning, Blasting, Polishing, Painting


  • X-Ray, Dye Penetrant, CMM, SPC, Visual


  • Design & Development Support on CAD/CAM


Our equipment is under constant review and our efforts never end to procure the best manufacturing equipment for our customers.

Laser Capabilities

  • Laserdyne Fibre 795XL Hole Drilling, Cutting, Welding
  • Trumph  Argon & Nitrogen

Hot & Cold Press Forming

  • Double action,Stretch & Drop Hammer
  • Pressbrakes


  • 3,4,& 5 Axis Milling and Turning
  • CNC, NC & manual Surface and cylindrical Grinding


  • Auto Circumferential
  • Spot, Seam, Projection

Heat Treatment

  • Furnaces


  • Chemical  Cleaning
  • Spray Painting


  • Digital X-Ray
  • CMM,Vision & Faro Arm
  • Vibro,chemical & inject marking

Laserdyne 795 Fibre Laser and OGP 1500 Vision Inspection



  • Machined Brace for Fuel Element
  • Fabricated Brace for Fuel Element


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Phil Louch
Finance Director, UK