Press release
Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Tods Aerospace Joins Collins Aerospace British Supplier Delegation in the U.S.

YEOVIL, UK, 17 April, 2019 – Tods Aerospace, a Unitech Aerospace company and leader in advanced composite materials technologies, had the distinct honour of being one of 24 U.K aerospace suppliers selected to attend Collins Aerospace’s British Supplier Delegation in Charlotte, North Carolina. The one-day event—which was organized by Collins and the U.K.’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Department for International Trade; and Aerospace Technology Institute—connected suppliers with Collins operations and supply chain executives to explore potential opportunities for future collaboration.

“We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to connect with Collins Aerospace at this very worthwhile event,” said Rob Ludford, Vice President and Managing Director of Tods Aerospace.  “Tods Aerospace is proud to collaborate with a number of companies in the U.K. and we very much appreciate the opportunity to explore new partnerships where we can add value for Collins Aerospace.”

“With more than 5,000 employees across nearly 30 locations, Collins Aerospace has a significant footprint in the U.K. and we welcome the chance to discuss additional avenues for cooperation,” said Paolo Dal Cin, vice president of Operations & Quality for Collins. “We had a productive day of networking meetings and we look forward to continuing the conversation going forward.”

About Tods Aerospace 

Tods Aerospace specializes in advanced composite materials technology for aerospace applications. The Yeovil, UK based team enhances the performance of vital defence systems, aircraft interiors and air transport equipment worldwide through design, engineering and manufacturing. Tods Aerospace is a Unitech Aerospace Company.

About Unitech Aerospace 

Unitech Aerospace provides the aerospace, marine, medical, defense, nuclear and rail industries with composite and metallic structures and components that meet demanding and complex requirements. The company’s growing global footprint is currently comprised of strategically located sites providing local and immediate support to customers. Integrated solutions range from early stage design, rate production, to full-term sustainment making Unitech Aerospace the industry’s trusted lifecycle partner.