Press release
Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Unitech Composites Awarded LRIP 10/11 Contract Extention from Rockwell Collins for the F-35 Binocular Optical Support Structure (BOSS) 3rd Generation Lightweight Model

HAYDEN, IDAHO, May 2, 2017 – Unitech Composites, a Unitech Aerospace company and leading supplier of complex laminates and sandwich panels for the aerospace and defence industry, announced today that it has secured a contract extention from Rockwell Collins for the 10th and 11th low-rate initial production (LRIP) batch of the 3rd Generation Lightweight    Binocular Optical Support Structure (BOSS). This contract will extend production into 2020 and will contribute to the estimated 7,500 BOSS required to support the F-35 Lightning II program.

Unitech Composites currently produces two variants of the BOSS, Gen3 and Gen3 Lite, and is working with Rockwell Collins to begin production of the “SIM BOSS” used in flight simulators to support the F-35 Lightning II training pipeline.

“Unitech Composites is proud to continue its support of the F-35 program and the warfighter by producing the BOSS through the latest LRIP,” said Mark Withrow, Vice President and General Manager of Unitech Composites. “We will be intensely focused on quality and delivery to ultimately ensure the success of this prestigious and critical program.”

Unitech Composites has been producing the BOSS section of the overall helmet since 2009.

About Unitech Composites

Unitech Composites, established in 1979 and located in Hayden, Idaho, are industry experts in complex laminates and sandwich panels, multi-axis machining, close tolerance fabrication and automated hand layup. Unitech Composites is a Unitech Aerospace company.